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A Guided Trek Through the Stages of Retirement

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Whether we recognize it or not, we’re all on the journey called retirement. Depending on our ages and life choices, we are just at different mile markers—financial and emotional—on the trail leading to “life after work.”

Perhaps you are in your early earning years and just breaking in your boots. Or maybe you can see the career finish line in the distance and are picking up your pace. Or perhaps you’ve reached the retirement summit and are now taking in the lay of the land. Whatever stage of the journey you are on, we’ve got a map to help you navigate the financial and psychic milestones along the way.

First, the Big Picture …

Taking a bird’s eye view, retirement planning is a continuum that really starts with our first adult job and continues throughout our lives. And contrary to what you might think (or what you might expect me to say), being prepared is not just about the money. In addition to the financial component of retirement, there’s an emotional aspect to how we approach and ultimately embrace our post-work lives. A complete and honest retirement plan must acknowledge both.

Pictured graphically below is a high-level overview of how we at Estes Wealth Strategies view the main stages of retirement planning, broken down into the financial and emotional phases.

What stage of the retirement journey are you on? Is a family member, or someone else you care about, grappling with an aspect of retirement planning or the transition to life after work?

More on our thoughts about each leg of the journey—and some tangible steps you can take at different phases to smooth the path—are available here:


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